Win cash and prizes every day with CardMatch

We are giving you chance to win cash every day by simply matching cards at the tables. Don’t miss your chance at a win with CardMatch!

What is CardMatch and how can you play?

CardMatch is a mini-game that appears on your regular Zoom and cash game poker tables. Once you have opted in for CardMatch at the poker table, you’ll be given a Game Card to use featuring 10 slots.

To complete your CardMatch Game Card and win an instant prize, just play eligible Zoom and regular cash games and match any nine cards from the Game Card with your pocket cards.

How to match cards

When you play a hand, your hole cards can be used to match slots on your Game Card, as long as you win the hand. It doesn’t matter at what stage of the hand you win it - pre-flop, on the flop, the turn, the river or at showdown - as long as you win the hand, matched hole cards will count.

Opt-in for CardMatch now!

Ready for your shot at cash prizes? If you play on desktop, you can locate the CardMatch Game Card in your chat window at the table. Mobile players - select ‘Start’ when the CardMatch pop-up appears when seated at an eligible table.

CardMatch Rules

Every time you start a new CardMatch Game Card you will have a limited number of hands to match the slots shown. The amount of hands you have left to finish your Game Card is displayed below the Game Card.

You can always start a new CardMatch Game Card even if you haven’t completed your existing one. You can restart your Game Card after 10 hands have been played on your Zoom or cash game table.

CardMatch Prize

When you match the required number of cards you will complete your Game Card and collect your prize. The number of cards to be matched, prizes available, and probabilities of winning each prize are available by clicking the info button on the CardMatch window.

Special Offer Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is available from February 5 until 23:59 CET on March 4, 2018.
  • Players can play unlimited CardMatch Game Cards until they complete the maximum number of cards in a day, defined as starting at 00:00 CET and expiring at 23:59 CET (with the exception of the first day, which will start at 16:00 CET and expire at 23:59 CET) . The maximum number of cards varies per stake level.
  • You must start a CardMatch Game Card by hitting the ‘Start’ button on the CardMatch Game Card to have your progress measured. Any hands played prior to opting-in will not count towards your CardMatch progress.
  • To improve players’ experiences, please note payout tables are individualised to suit different player segments. For the probability table which applies to you please visit your own CardMatch game window.
  • Only when you have completed nine of the ten slots on your CardMatch Game Card will you receive your prize. There is no prize for matching individual slots.
  • If you leave the poker table while your CardMatch is in progress your Game Card will be forfeited.
  • Randomly awarded prizes will be displayed in your CardMatch game window. Cash, tournament ticket or StarsCoin prizes will be credited instantly. You must click on ‘Reveal prize’ after your Game Card is completed to see your prize.
  • CardMatch is available in a variety of pot-limit and no-limit hold’em Zoom and regular cash games. Other game variants, hands played at Play Money tables, in Heads-Up games, or hands played in any tournament format are not eligible.
  • You can only match your winning hole cards with the slots on your CardMatch Game Card.
  • CardMatch is available on selected cash game and Zoom poker tables. CardMatch can be enabled or withdrawn at our discretion.
  • In games with blinds of €0.01/€ 0.02 the following probabilities and prizes apply:
    66% €0.10
    25% €0.50
    5% €1.00
    4% €2.00
  • In games with blinds of €0.02/€0.05 the following probabilities and prizes apply:
    60% €0.20
    35% €1.00
    4% €2.00
    1% €5.00
  • In games with blinds of €0.05/€0.10 the following probabilities and prizes apply:
    36% €0.50
    55% €1.00
    8% €2.00
    1% €10.00
  • In games with blinds of €0.10/€0.25 and €0.25/€0.50 the following probabilities and prizes apply:
    61% €1.00
    30% €2.00
    8% €10.00
    1% €50.00
  • In games with blinds of €0.50/€1.00 and higher the following probabilities and prizes apply;
    74% €2.00
    25% €10.00
    1% €100.00

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If you have any questions about CardMatch please contact Support.

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