Money Machine

We’re handing out some cash rebates this month and it’s up to you which one you take. Money Machine lets you qualify for an exclusive cash rebate. You can qualify for your rebate by reaching one of our VPP targets during March 21st – 31st.

Qualifying Period: March 21st – 31st
VPP TargetRebate
30000 €500 (10%)
20000 €300 (9%)
10000 €130 (8%)
5000 €60 (7%)
2500 €30 (7%)
1000 €10 (6%)

How to qualify

As indicated in the table above, you must reach the respective VPP target between March 21st – 31st, in order to unlock your rebate.

Should you qualify for a rebate it will be applied to your account within 48 hours. You will be notified by email once your rebate has been unlocked and is available to earn. Then you just need to earn 12 VPPs for every €1 of rebate you unlock – that’s 50% rakeback!

You will have 10 days to release the entire amount of your rebate.

All cash rebates will be paid in one lump sum. For example:

  • Player X earns 12,000 VPPs between March 21 – 31
  • Player X receives email to notify that €130 rebate has been unlocked
  • Player X must earn 1560 VPPs in following 10 days
  • Player X receives €130 cash.

Please remember that you must earn the full amount of your rebate to receive any cash. IF you receive a rebate of €130 and only clear €100, you will receive no cash.

If you have any questions about this promotion please contact