The Golden Button Challenge - want to win up to €20,000 every day?

Win random rewards of up to €20,000 every day with the Golden Button Challenge. Simply opt-in via your Challenge Window to get started and then play Hold’em cash games including Zoom (four players minimum).

Each time you win a hand holding an ace you’ll collect points. And if you win holding an ace from the dealer button, you’ll earn extra points. Hit your points total to complete the Challenge and collect a random cash reward of up to €20,000!

Cash prizes are yours to keep - no strings attached.

Scoring points

  • Play your first hand after opting in and get 100 points as a bonus
  • Win a hand with any ace in your hole cards and get 15 points
  • Win a hand with any ace in your hole cards from the dealer position and get 75 points

Head to your Challenge Window now to opt-in, see your points target, and then get started.

Opt-in now Opt-in now

Stakes and probabilities table

Big blind €0.02+

20000 0.00100%
5 2.00000%
1 40.00000%
0.5 57.99900%
Total 100.00000%

Big blind €0.02+

20000 0.00200%
10 5.00000%
5 20.00000%
1 35.00000%
0.5 39.99800%
Total 100.00000%

Big blind €0.10+

20000 0.00400%
100 1.00000%
10 25.00000%
5 35.00000%
1 38.99600%
Total 100.00000%

Big blind €1.00+

20000 0.01000%
100 10.00000%
10 39.00000%
5 50.99000%
Total 100.00000%
Special Offers Rules

If you have any questions about the Golden Button, please contact Support.

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