Poker First Deposit Rebate - 100% Signup Rebate for Spanish Residents

We give you a 100% rebate up to €500 when you make your first deposit, and you can make up to three qualifying deposits in 90 days (up to a total of €500). Once you’ve made your deposit(s), you earn the rebate by playing and collecting the number of redemption points equal to 25 times the rebate amount. The bonus is released in €5 increments, released into your account as you clear the needed redemption points (125 redemption points for every €5 increment). You have three months after each qualifying deposit to earn all the redemption points needed.

You are eligible for the 100% deposit rebate when you make your first-ever real money deposit with us during the qualifying period using the code ‘EURO500’. You should use the same code in each of your first three deposits (up to €500) in order to qualify for the rebate.

If you withdraw any amount from your Stars Account during the bonus period, you will be unable to make further qualifying deposits. However, any existing bonus you have will be unaffected.

Please note that each instalment of the rebate expires after 90 days (approximately three months), and that you must earn the required redemption points before the 90 days are over, in order to earn your rebate. To check when your rebate expires, visit the ‘My Stars' menu.

Once you make a deposit, you can view your pending rebate in the ‘My Stars’ menu. The number of redemption points you must earn to collect the rebate can also be found there.

To earn your deposit rebate you must earn a designated number of redemption points. The amount of points you must earn and the maximum rebate you may earn, may vary by promotion.

Example - You make a €300 deposit for the 100% first deposit rebate. You now have a pending rebate of €300 with a 25x redemption point requirement. You will receive €5 every time you earn 125 redemption points. If you then made a €400 deposit you would receive another €200 in rebate (as the maximum rebate is €500) with the same clearance requirement.

Redemption points which count toward the rebate requirement begin with the first hand played after the deposit is made to your account.

After the required number of post-deposit redemption points have been earned, the rebate will move from "pending status" into your PokerStars cash balance. PokerStars will send you an email confirming that the rebate funds have been moved to your cash account. The transaction will also be noted under ‘History’ in the Cashier window.

We feel that 90 days is long enough for everyone to collect enough redemption points to clear their rebate, and this is also cleared in increments. Therefore, rebate extensions are not permitted beyond the 90 days of time already allowed.

You may only take advantage of one of our first deposit offers. However, you may take advantage of any other rebate that is open to all players. You will be able to check for eligible rebates by visiting the 'My Stars' menu.

Don’t forget that when you make your first-time deposit, you have the option of making two further qualifying deposits in the first 90 days. Remember to use the code ‘EURO500’ on all your deposits.

Example - You make a first deposit of €200, which makes you eligible for a €200 rebate. One week later you deposit a further €200, taking your maximum pending rebate amount to €400. You then make a €100 deposit one month later, making your total pending rebate €500 in total.

Once you have been fully credited the first €200 instalment of the First Deposit Rebate, any further redemption points that you earn will automatically be credited toward earning your second rebate.

Note: Only your redemption points will be applied toward releasing your pending rebate. Redemption points are earned through cash games and tournaments, but any rebate redemption points you earn through promotions will not count toward releasing your rebate.

PLEASE NOTE: All rebates and promotions and offers subject to the description of Our Commission.

Good luck, and thanks for playing on!

Contact if you have any questions about PokerStars deposit rebates. is committed in giving you the best possible experience and is authorized by the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego. You can rest assured that all transactions made on are completely safe and secure.