Football Fever: Frequently Asked Questions

Football Fever Daily Challenges are exactly that – every day you have to complete a simple challenge, and if you have completed it successfully, you will receive a ticket to an All-in Shootout tournament, where you have a shot at winning a cash prize. Each All-In Shootout awards €2,000 in cash to the top players!

Football Fever Daily Challenges run from June 10 - July 12, 2014. There is a challenge each day when there is a football match, followed by an All-in Shootout tournament 24 hours after the scheduled start of that football match. Remember that each daily challenge is available only 1 day and must be completed in that time frame.

It is simple to take part. All you need to do is open your personal Football Fever window in the software and select & complete your available Challenge. Remember that you must hit the Start button for each Challenge!

In your PokerStars client. The location of your personal Football Fever window depends on the device you are using:
Desktop: Log-in to the client and choose ‘Football Fever’ in the menu.
iOS devices: Log-in to the app and press the ‘More’ menu at the bottom of your screen. Choose ‘Football Fever’ in the menu.
Android™ devices: Log-in to the app and access the extended menu on your Android™ device. Choose ‘Football Fever’ in the menu.

Yes, progress of your Challenges will be listed in the Challenge window as either ‘In Progress’ or ‘Completed’. After you complete your Challenge, it will move from the ‘Live’ tab to the ‘Completed’ tab in your Football Fever window, where you can also see the status of your ticket. If your ticket is still being processed, your Challenge will have a ‘Ticket is pending’ message. Once you receive your ticket, this will be noted with ‘Ticket is credited’ in the same Challenge window. From there, simply click on the ‘Use Your Ticket’ button to register in your preferred All-In Shootout!

Upon successful completion of a Challenge, your All-in Shootout ticket will be credited to your account within two hours, but please note that it might take up to a few additional hours for the credit. You will receive your ticket well in advance of the All-in Shootout start time, which is 24 hours after the scheduled start of that football game. All-In Shootouts are limited to the first 16,000 players, so make sure you register as soon as you receive your ticket.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to register manually for the All-In Shootout using your ticket. Registration closes as soon as that football match starts. Unused tickets will expire after the tournament starts.

In All-In Shootout tournaments every player will automatically be placed all-in every hand. No actual poker play is possible in these events, so there is no need for you to even log-in to play the tournament. Simply sit back and observe the action!

No. You can only register in one All-in Shootout for a specific football match depending on what you believe the outcome of the match will be (Team A Win/Team B Win/Draw). As soon as you register to the Shootout of your choice, you will be unable to register for the other two Shootouts.

No, not all. During the group stages of the competition there will be three possible outcomes, but in the knock-out stages, this will reduce down to dos; ‘Team A Qualify’, ‘Team B Qualify’. So, best plan for penalties!

Unfortunately, your selection was not a winning one. Only the Shootout with the correct final result of the related football match will be played. The other two All-in Shootouts will be cancelled and will have no prizes paid out.

The Daily Challenges Schedule is available in your personal Football Fever window of the PokerStars client.

There are 25 Daily Challenges in total. Each Challenge links to a specific football match on that date. There is also a Supreme Challenge.

You must select Start from the Football Fever window in order to participate in the Supreme Challenge, and then simply complete 10 or more Daily Challenges. You will then receive a ticket to the Supreme Challenge Freeroll on July 15th at 21:30h CET, with incremental starting stack and a prize pool of €10,000. For each challenge you complete you will boost your starting stack by 1,000 chips. Please note that you MUST hit the Start button on your Supreme Challenge before starting any of your Daily Challenges, as any Daily Challenge you have completed prior to opting in will not count towards your Supreme Challenge.

There are several factors to consider if your Challenge isn’t completed:

  1. If you are required to make a real money deposit, your deposit request might not be processed yet. Please check your Cashier. Note that the time the deposit is successfully cleared and made available in your account determines eligibility.
  2. Play Money chip purchases do not count for the Challenges as they are not real money deposits
  3. If you have to play a scheduled tournament or a Sit & Go, you may still be involved in your first hand of the tournament. Please wait until after you have played your first hand.
  4. If the challenge is to play 10 ring game hands, please make sure you haven’t played less than the required number of 10 hands. You can check this by requesting your Hand History in the client from the Requests Menu.
  5. Likewise, if you have to win money in a hand or play a specific game type, you can check this by requesting your Hand History.
  6. Some Challenges specifically require you to play on a mobile device. Please double check if your Daily Challenge needs to be completed on a different client version.
  7. You did not play the correct tournament. This could be a tournament with a similar name or a Play Money tournament, which are ineligible. You can check this by requesting your Tournament History in the client from the Requests Menu.
  8. Please make sure you have completed the Challenge within the required time frame. The last Daily Challenge must be completed by July 12th 18:00h CET.

Contact if you have any questions about the Football Fever.