Eligibility requirements for offers

To ensure that we are compliant with regulations, customers need to meet specific criteria to become eligible for offers.

Players must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and a registered resident of Spain
  • Fully verify their account by submitting relevant identification documents
  • Wait at least 30 days after their account is fully verified (and has been approved for real money transactions). If your account has been reopened after temporary restriction you will only be able to take part in this offer once 30 days have lapsed since your account was reopened.

When accounts are older than 30 days and fully verified, customers will be able to see all offers that are available to them, after they log in.

What else players need to know

Customers who have a pending withdrawal cannot receive personalized offers until this action is completed.

Customers who have requested to increase their daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits within the previous 30 days will need to wait for this timeframe to pass before receiving personalized offers.

Click here for general Terms & Conditions for offers.