PokerStars Freeroll Ladder

14 Days and €7,000 in Prizes

PokerStars Freeroll Ladder is a series of free-to-enter tournaments which take place four times a day. From 17:00 CET to 23:00 CET each day, the amount of prize money added to each Freeoll increases as the day progresses, from €50 to €200. The tourneys are also freebuys, which means you can enter for free, like a freeroll, only when you bust out you can rebuy for the first 30 minutes of play.

How to Participate in the Freeroll Ladder

Tournaments run from 17:00 - 23:00 CET every day from November 1 - 14. They are free to enter, but you can also rebuy from just €0.05 and up to €0.20 for an unlimited number of times during the first hour of play.

To register, open the client and click on ‘Tourney’ & ‘Freeroll’. Not playing at PokerStars already? Download the free PokerStars software to get started now.

If you have any questions about the Freeroll Ladder, contact