PROGRESSIVE KO: Daily turbo tournaments!


The tournament schedule below is for information purposes only. Tourney schedule and guarantees displayed on the client are subject to changes.

Progressive KO tournaments are for those players who enjoy full contact! All Progressive KO tourneys are knockout format, where, in addition to prize pool, you collect a bounty for each person you eliminate from the tournament.

Here is a list of all “Progressive KO” tourneys, available in the lobby:

Progressive KO €5 09:30 CET €1,500
Progressive KO €3 11:30 CET €1,500
Progressive KO €20 12:00 CET €4,000
Progressive KO €10 13:00 CET €5,000
Ultra KO €20 14:00 CET €4,000
Progressive KO €50 16:00 CET €7,500
Progressive KO €3 17:30 CET €2,000
Progressive KO €30 18:00 CET €12,500
Ultra KO €10 18:15 CET €5,000
Progressive KO €1 19:30 CET €1,000
Progressive KO €50 20:30 CET €15,000
Super Thursday Night on Stars Progressive KO €250 21:00 (Every Thursday) €50,000
Progressive KO €10 21:00 CET €15,000
Progressive KO €15 22:30 CET €7,500
Progressive KO €5 23:00 CET €4,000
Ultra KO €20 23:30 CET €12,500
Progressive KO €5 00:15 CET €4,000
Progressive KO €20 01:00 CET €7,500
Progressive KO €3 03:00 CET €1,000

Please Note: The Knockout tournament schedule is correct as of present time, but times and the guarantees of tournaments scheduled in the PokerStars client might change once in a while.

How Progressive KO works

Progressive Knockout tournaments are a more exciting version of regular Knockout tournaments. Eliminate opponents and increase your bounty as you earn cash rebates!

In a progressive knockout tournament, a percentage of every knockout bounty goes to increasing the bounty of the player who caused the knockout. For example, if a player has a €10 bounty on him and the increase percentage for the tournament is 25%, then the player who knocks him out would win €7.50 and their bounty would increase by €2.50. If a player in the same tournament had increased their own bounty to €20 then the player who knocked them out would get €15 and increase their own bounty by €5.

Contact Support if you have any questions about Progressive KO tournaments.