Daily turbo tournaments!


The tournament schedule below is for information purposes only. Tourney schedule and guarantees displayed on the PokerStars.es client are subject to changes.

If you are someone who really values their time, then “The Hot Turbos” are definitely your thing. All tournaments are Turbo format and, like always, we have a range of buy-ins suitable for all budgets.

All The Hot Turbos are No Limit Texas Hold'em.

Here is a list of all tourneys available in the lobby:

TourneyTime (CET)Guarantee
The Hot €100 00:15 €7,500
The Hot €20 00:30 €10,000
The Hot €3 01:15 €1,500
The Hot €50 01:30 €7,500
The Hot €10 02:00 €5,000
The Hot €10 10:00 €1,500
The Hot €10 11:00 €2,000
The Hot €1 12:00 €500
The Hot €10 14:00 €3,000
The Hot €20 16:30 €3,000
The Hot €5 20:15 €5,000
The Hot BigStack Turbo €50 23:00 €20,000 & €30,000 on Thursdays

How to play the Hot Turbos tournaments

To sign up for the Hot Turbos tournaments, open the PokerStars.es software, click 'Tourney' and 'Special'. You can also find them quicker by typing 'Hot' into the Tourney Filter.

Contact Support if you have any questions about The Hot Turbos.

Sunday Special

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Monthly Special

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