Bets will be settled based on the official result at ringside with the exception of a technical draw.

For betting purposes, results are not official until verified by officials at the fighting venue. If official verification does not occur at the fighting venue, bets will be settled based on the results published on regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result. For an exhibition fight, if no result is declared at ringside, bets will be void.

If a contest finishes before the scheduled number of rounds due to an accidental injury and the winner is not determined by the judges’ scorecards, bets will be void.

If there is a change in the manner in which a fight is advertised (for example, change from a title fight to a non-title fight), bets will stand.

Unless otherwise stated, if the scheduled number of rounds changes, bets will stand unless the result has been automatically determined by the change in the number of rounds (in which case, such bets will be void). For example, if a fight gets changed from a 12 to a 10-round fight, bets on rounds 11 and 12 will be void.

If a 'no contest' is declared, bets will be void unless already unconditionally determined.

Data provided by Compubox will be used to determine the settlement of any markets containing particular statistics, including but not limited to a given fighter to land a certain number of total punches, jabs, power punches or body punches.

Abandonments, Cancellations and Postponements

If a fight is postponed, bets will stand if the rescheduled event occurs within 48 hours. Otherwise, bets on that fight will be void.

Non-Runners, Withdrawals and Disqualifications

If there is a substitution for one of the boxers, bets on the original fight will be void, except in a tournament-based competition, where the equivalent of a Tattersalls Rule 4 deduction may apply.

Method of Victory

A knockout (KO) occurs when the boxer does not stand up after a ten count. Technical knockouts (TKO) occur when a boxer is knocked down three times within the same round, and the fight is stopped or where the referee steps in to stop the fight when it is decided that a fighter cannot safely continue. If a fighter fails to answer the bell for the next round, then this will also be deemed a TKO. For betting purposes, KO/TKO options also include disqualification and retirement.

Technical Decision/Draw

If a fight is scheduled for more than four rounds and, after four rounds, an accidental foul occurs which causes an injury (further to which the referee stops the fight), the fight will be deemed to have resulted in a technical decision in favour of the boxer who is ahead on the scorecards at the time the fight is stopped (and all markets on the fight will stand).

If the accidental injury/technical decision occurs during the first four rounds, all bets will be void unless the result of the relevant market has already been unconditionally determined or unless the judges’ scorecards are used to determine an official winner at ringside.

If an intentional foul causes an injury and the injury results in the fight being stopped in a later round: (i) the injured boxer will be deemed to have won by technical decision if they are ahead on the scorecards, and (ii) the fight will result in a 'technical draw' if the injured boxer is behind or even on the scorecards (and, for settlement purposes, the result of the fight will be deemed to be a draw).

For betting purposes, betting on rounds or a group of rounds is for a fighter to win by KO, TKO, disqualification or due to the other fighter retiring during that round or group of rounds. In the event of a technical decision before the end of the fight, all round bets will be deemed to be losers.

Unconfirmed Fights

All fights dated December 31 onsite are unconfirmed fights; if the fight does not take place by this date, bets will be void.

Round Betting Markets

Bets on these markets will be settled based on the round/rounds in which the result of the fight will be determined; it is not betting on named fighters to win the round/rounds on the judges’ scorecards.

Where a boxer fails to answer the bell for the next round, their opponent shall be deemed to have won the fight in the previous round.

If the fight goes to the scorecards, all round bets will be settled as losers.

For Total Rounds settlement purposes, if a fight consists of the regular three-minute rounds, then 1 minute and 30 seconds will represent half a round. For example, for a bet on ‘Over 10.5 rounds’ to be a winner, the fight must last beyond 1 minute and 30 seconds in round 11. If the number of rounds for a fight is changed after this market has been set, then all bets on this market will be void.

Round Specials

Any bets placed on occurrences to occur (or not to occur) in a given round will be deemed losing bets if the fight concludes (for any reason) before that round. For example, any bets on a fighter to have a point deducted in round nine will be deemed losing bets if a knockout brings the relevant fight to a conclusion in round seven.

Will the Fight Go the Distance

If the scheduled number of rounds changes, bets on this market will be void.

To Score a Knockdown

For settlement purposes, a knockdown is defined as a fighter being knocked out or receiving a mandatory eight count (anything deemed a slip by the referee will not count).


The Sportsbook General Rules will apply for any category of bets or markets not referred to in these Specific Sports Rules.