Sunday Tourneys Estrellas Special

This Sunday, May 28, our biggest Sunday tournaments are back with even bigger prizes! All players who reach the final table of; the Sunday Warm-Up, El Clásico & the Sunday Special, will each receive a Main Event entry for PokerStars Festival Marbella – in addition to their share of the prize pool.

This means that we’re increasing the guarantees on all of these exceptional tournaments, by €10,000 each.

How it works?

The entries to the PokerStars Festival Marbella will be taken from the prize pool. There are two possible scenarios:

  1. The tournament has overlay.

In this scenario, if El Clásico doesn't reach the €35,000 guaranteed, the money will be awarded as follows:

  • 9 entries for ESPT: €9,900
  • €25,100 on cash prizes
  1. Prize pool is higher than the guaranteed

Using the previous example, if El Clásico reaches €40,000 prize pool, the money will be awarded on the following way:

  • 9 entries for ESPT: €9,900
  • €30,100 on cash prizes

The PokerStars Festival Marbella Main Event runs from June 21-25 at Casino de Marbella and has a huge €700,000 prize pool guarantee, making it one of the biggest live events in Spain.

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Contact Support if you have any questions about our Sunday Tourneys Marbella Special.

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Sunday Special

Sunday Special

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